Photo of Clare Osborn

Clare Osborn

Clare spent 15 years in a successful legal career before changing direction and now brings her unique skills into her work as a Sustainability and Life CoachPodcast Host and Speaker.  Co-founder of #PaddleCleanup campaign, working with BCU and Sea Scouts.  She has completed 3 groundbreaking expeditions raising awareness of plastic in the environment (width of England, length of Wales and remote Scottish Islands).  Clare works collaboratively to redirect the waste collected from landfill. Campaign manager for outreach organisation Incredible Oceans - Whalefest, she has created a unique network of projects inspiring the launch of Clare Talks Rubbish Podcast (inspiring stories from everyday heroes).  Clare works with teams and individuals, using an extensive toolkit of processes and advice for living and working sustainably and building better relationships with ourselves and others.  Using adventure stories for personal growth, creating fun and engaging workshops and team / community experiences.

Clare Talks Rubbish - listen to Clare's podcast.
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