Photo of Louise McCurdy

Louise McCurdy

Lou lives in Brighton and has been making artworks about plastic pollution for 13 years. As one half of "Dirty Beach" she created immersive, fully fitted supermarket installations that mimics the visual language of large modern retailers but stocking only plastic waste recovered from the environment. Dirty Beach have built nine installations in the U.K., Netherlands and Belgium.

She is continuing her plastic journey, delving deep into the damaging mind-boggling environmental consequences of the plastic pandemic and collaborating with photographer Alex Bamford. They have created a series of striking photographs of a rusty shopping trolley found buried on Brighton Beach. Laden with plastic waste, the trolley has been photographed on beaches, hills, rivers and forests. Anywhere really that plastic ends up, which is everywhere. These photographs have been exhibited at The Now Exhibition and Sustainability on Screen Festival London. Louise McCurdy's Website

Listen to Lou's podcast with Clare Talks Rubbish.

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