Photo of Melanie Rees

Melanie Rees

Melanie is a visionary and a leader who loves collaborating and creating projects. In 1988, as a young teacher her first major collaboration was with a group of Year 9 students. Together they created National Non-Uniform Day (now Day for Change) raising £56,000 in it's 1st year. They invited UNICEF on board and it became the charity's most successful school fundraiser. It is still an annual event.  

In 1997 Melanie set up Cornerstones Independent School (now Lioncare School) for children with emotional and behavioural problems. Working with a dynamic team, she successfully led the school through registration and OFSTED.

In 2006 Melanie co-founded the Green Centre. The centre is run by a team of dedicated volunteers engaging with and educating Brighton and Hove residents in the Art of Sustainable Living.

Ocean’s 8 Brighton is Melanie’s latest project. Inspired by the Ocean’s 8 Hollywood movie, the idea of a diverse group of women with expertise and experience in a particular field working together to achieve great things was appealing. 

Listen to Melanie's podcast with Clare Talks Rubbish.

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